Buy followers on twitter cheap

We need to create ways in which the fouls will come to our Twitter account. How to do it.

We need to share a link to our Twitter account wherever possible. Where exactly:

In social networks. I did a little experiment and recommended my account on Twitter with send2blog in Facebook . Just found groups of interests “Twitter”, “promotion twitter”, “Interesting twitter”, etc. and posted messages in them where he recommended his Twitter account

I found thematic International groups on Twitter in Facebook and I posted my Twitter account there. Plus, I was gradually gaining friends in Facebook and then organized the RSS-broadcast of my Twitter feed to my Facebook account. There are interesting applications with which it can be done – it’s Twitter and Selective Tweets. Often followers came to me from there. That is, the friends saw my news line, and if they had tweeted accounts, they signed up for me

He posted a link to his Twitter in the sidebar of his blogs with the calls “follow me on twitter” + often wrote posts about Twitter, where he spoke directly – “Subscribe to my twitter @ Max1mus_KS”. In sense in posts, so, between business spoke, that subscribed

I used to be active at Put there the link in the signature + in the profile. Many people learned about me from there. Plus, put a link in the signature on all social networks and forums where I talked (on the armada, etc.). When you communicate or announce a new post in these social groups, the people see in the link in the signature of your Twitter account and some subscribe to me.

Registered in the ratings twitter. A list of these ratings you will find in the post – services for Twitter. Especially when you just register and hang on the main page in the ranking, then once the people foul you very much even actively

Rarely, but used hashtags like #sledui or #ru_ff. I’m sure a lot of people found me at the expense of hashtag.

By the way, today there was another unique way to unleash Twitter, that is, to increase the number of its followers, but with the help of Read my post about this service – how you can earn using True, the chip for buying the fouls appeared after this post was written. Here, in general, that’s all. You see, there are no special secrets here. Just talked and PR my account wherever possible. Maybe you will add something?