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How to become popular on Twitter

Twitter is an extremely popular microblogging service. How to make a microblogging popular? What are the ways to attract followers? How to make live chat on Twitter and start an interesting dialogue? In this article we will try to answer these and other questions.

Rule # 1 – Be active

As in real life, the proverb “the water does not flow under the still stone” sufficiently fully reveals this rule. Communicate more, argue, comment, and you will definitely be seen tweeting the community.

It is very important to understand what people like when they are carefully listened to, and not just talk about themselves loved ones. Do not write blatant stupidities – as in life, on the expanse of Twitter it’s nice to meet an intelligent person and a polite conversation.

Rule number 2 – Originality

Twitter is a great opportunity to learn how to express your thoughts simply and concisely. Do not write trivial and monosyllabic tweets that will not be of interest to anyone. Learn to be creative and do not leave a place of indifference. Make a person react to your post and add your message to your wall.

Rule number 3 – Do not be “cheap”

Respect others. Try not to go after “ghostly popularity”, remain an integral and interesting person, and she will come to you. Do not be lazy, write interestingly and on business. Be yourself.

Rule # 4 – Useful content

The world is not ruled by money and not by force – the world is ruled by information. Twitter is not only a
playground for scammers, but a good way to find the information that interests you. The more you post useful posts giving answers to questions, the higher the chance to attract the attention of potential followers.

Rule number 5 – Polite gratitude

If the twitter you are interested in – most likely, he will be interested in someone else. Retweeting this post is the elementary courtesy of Twitter. Most likely, you will be answered the same. It’s nice when you see that the post was posted by a living person, and not a soulless bot.

Rule number 6 – Strive to follow authoritative people

This rule is perfectly illustrated by the International proverb – “With whom you are led, from that and you will be typed”.

Rule number 7 – Be sincere

Against the background of the total anonymity in the network, an open person is of interest. Fully fill out your profile. People will perceive your tweets differently, and you will be more responsive to the posted information and the words you said.

Rule number 8 – Consistency

Regularly update the posts and do not take too long pauses. As in any other business, promoting your blog requires time and effort. Do not be lazy, regularly update the content.

Rule number 9 – The topic of the blog should be in demand

If you really crave popularity, do not take on a narrowly specialized topic. At the same time, one must be able to develop one’s own style and be understandable and interesting to a large number of people.

Rule No. 10 – Absence of any rules

Of course, the habit of sticking to useful rules brings some dividends. But there is no exact recipe for popularity on Twitter. Often, contrary to everything and all seemingly random people become popular. Be natural and, if you deserve it, fame and success will inevitably overtake you.

At all times, strong and original personalities attracted the gaze of people. Hone sharpness of mind in short statements, know how to joke to the place, and you will always be welcome guest in any Internet community. 140 characters to help you.