Buy twitter followers: best site and methods

How to recruit subscribers on Twitter? Best methods:

Promotion of Twitter account. White methods These methods work much faster, but in the future you will not get the return that you can get with the “white” method. Because in that, people subscribe voluntarily, but here You will see everything yourself 😉.

1) Subscription – unsubscribe… This method involves subscribing to all on Twitter, waiting for a few days, that people would subscribe in response, and then massively unsubscribe from them. It’s not very good, but it works…

There are a lot of ways to implement this method, whether by the # hash tag, #followback, #multiple subscriptions and so on, or simply signing thematic accounts, thereby luring your colleagues to yourselves, and suddenly subscribe smile

2) Purchase of subscribers and reposts. This method involves subscribing to your account for any consideration. Whether it’s money, or what are not coins and husky, which they like to use the services of cheaters. The blessing of them on the Internet has divorced a huge number. Personally, I talked about one of them – SocialTools …

If you decide to promote your account in this way, do not spare the overpayment of money and “sign” real people, demand some kind of guarantee … In most such offices, they sell simply bots created in a couple of hours, which, in addition to the big numbers of “followers” will not give you anything ….

In my opinion, the most popular methods of black promotion of Twitter account in my assortment are over. And finally I would like to tell you one good news. I just like you want to test these methods on how they work and what result they bring.

Experiment to promote Twitter account:

Especially for you, I launch another experiment, where from this day I will be in exactly 3 weeks, 21 days, trying to unleash my Twitter account in different ways. I will certainly share the results and the work done.

Be sure to subscribe to the lesson distribution in the block below, read me on Twitter and subscribe to the public in FB. After exactly 21 days, I will publish the result of one of the methods of promotion of my Twitter account, then I’ll start to try the second method.

I would very much like to know your opinion on this, how do you think how many subscribers will be able to wind one of the ways?