Buy twitter likes and retweets. Start to earn on Twitter

How to earn on Twitter

For anybody not a secret: in social networks it is possible to earn money. In particular, on your Twitter account or even in several accounts, if you have more than one. In this article we will talk about Twitter and earnings on it. If you are registered in it, it is excellent, additional opportunities for profit are already in your pocket, and if not, then nothing prevents you from joining Twitter right now (read how to register on Twitter).

How to earn on Twitter

How much you can earn on Twitter

“How much can I earn on my Twitter account?” – it strongly depends on you. Some users manage to earn tens of thousands of rubles a month. To do this, you need to have a few well-tweaked accounts, tweets of which will be more expensive than the average.

The more followers you have, the more valuable the account is. Also, the “quality” of subscribers is strongly assessed (after all, you can wind yourself 100 thousand bots, but the sense from them is zero). Search jobs better at the same time on several partner programs for Twitter, in order to have access to the maximum number of orders.

There is another option, how to make money on Twitter. You can simply create, untwist and sell ready-made accounts, so that someone else can work on them. You can sell accounts through the TWITTER STOCK exchange.

How to earn more

If you want to earn as much as possible, it is recommended to have as many accounts on Twitter as possible and to conduct minimal work on bringing them to the human form, in particular, wrapping up the followers at least until 2000. Let me remind you once again that the cost of a tweet is estimated by the subject and the number of your ” “of the followers. For more information about Twitter account twitter, click here.

For what are willing to pay on Twitter

  • tweets
  • retweets
  • advertising on its website
  • following

Where can I find assignments? This is what we will talk about further

Affiliate programs for earnings on Twitter

Affiliate programs for earnings on Twitter – special sites (exchanges / services) where there are, which advertisers are willing to pay executors for the performance of tasks on Twitter.

Some resources are so automated that after registering your account, the user no longer needs to do anything. Tweets will be placed automatically on your page, and you will only have to periodically check in to see how much money has “dribbled” into the account. Some require manual placement of tweets, but this option is also not too troublesome, since work on one task takes less than a minute.

Exchange for earning in social networks:

  • TURBOTEXT is generally a copywriting exchange, but there is a section with micro-tasks where such paid orders are placed, for example, comment on something, make a repost or retweet, subscribe to a page, put a name or tweet, and so on. If on this exchange, to sell their articles or write them to order, you need to pass a test and have some kind of rating, then this is not required to work with micro-tasks. Just register and start working in your spare time.

Money is withdrawn from the system on Mondays, with a minimum amount of 50 rubles. To earn a fortune is unlikely to work out, but as an additional stable earnings for all sorts of little things or paying for the Internet – that’s it.

How to make money on turbotext

By the way, the Advego exchange has the same opportunity to place an order for retweets and tweets.

Promotion of an account on Twitter

Twitter as a social network has existed for more than eight years. During this time, the number of its users around the world increased so much that it ranked second in popularity. Promotion of account twitter on the one hand is not complicated, but on the other – and not simple. You need to know the technical points and be a good marketer. I will not describe all the nuances of promotion in this article, as I described everything in a separate article.

When you already have a more or less attractive page, you can start earning on it. Paid tasks in Twitter can be found on many specialized sites, which have already been mentioned above. In addition to Twitter, they provide many earning options that are constantly updated, and in other social networks. Register and start earning.