Get twitter free likes and retweets. What is twitter?

Another 10 years ago, no one would have thought that in our time you will have so many social networks where you can communicate, learn news, describe your thoughts and put forward ideas. However, today this is no surprise: facebook, twitter, andad instagram. In these social networks, many in the literal sense of the word live. However, Twitter is not like these social networks.

Twitter is a social network of mini-bloggers, which allows you to create a post, the number of characters of which should not exceed 140 characters, but you can upload photos, and year 2 as a video. In addition, you can find accounts of their idols: politicians, actors / actresses, singers / singers, cultural figures and subscribe to them.

Also you can see who they are subscribed to, so you will see whose fan is this person. Thus, you will always know what happens to the lives of famous people and their friends. Also, you can subscribe to your buddy’s accounts and share messages and posts with them. Probably, this is the most open social network.

Creating an account for further promotion

So, you already know what advantages Twitter has, and decided to create your own profile. After completing all the instructions and filling out all the forms, you start blogging (see how to register on Twitter). However, the first followers to find very difficult, because in the vastness of the social network sit millions of people who are not interested in reading a newbie’s blog. But it does not matter! Promotion of your account twitter – a very interesting thing, and sometimes attracts more than the process of blogging itself.

There are several secrets that will help you promote your blog on Twitter. There are some of them who have already died, or are on the verge of it. We will talk about this in more detail.

Tips for promoting your Twitter

Decide on the theme and “paint” your account

What do you think will attract the attention of the follower faster: a blog with template wallpaper and a fake avatar, or a bright colorful profile, where there is a description of your character, preferences and tastes, where the “av” is a smiling cheerful person, with an unusual background and mood to interesting posts? Most likely, the second!

But for some reason beginning bloggers do not even think about it, and immediately make posts, without an emphasis on the profile itself. Conclusion: create an extraordinary bright account.
By the way, about the posts, do you know in which direction you will move? Initially, you should decide on the subject matter, otherwise you will be lost in the twitter spaces and quickly drop this case. However, the fact that your account specializes, for example, on a car, does not say that you can not write about politics or fashion! The main thing, do not forget to indicate that you like these topics in describing yourself, because otherwise no one will understand you.

Use hashtags

What is a hashtag? A hashtag is a symbol from which to start keywords so that you can be found by them. Its syntax is very simple: #KEYWORDS, where instead of keyword you need to write a key. If you put a hashtag before the word, then people who ask it in search will go to posts with this word. Among others will be yours. This increases the chances that a person will be interested in your mini-blog.

Using hashtags when tweeting an account

For example, if you write on the subject of SEO, then it’s logical to make the following key at the end of the message: #seo #webmaster, etc. You can write a lot of keys.

In addition, there is one more little secret: on the left you can see the column “Actual topics”, that is, they are the topics that are most popular today. It will be interesting to post on these topics – plus 3-4 subscribers are guaranteed.


Mass fowling is very popular, but soon has to get rid of itself, because people will get tired of doing work that does not pay off in due measure. The essence of this method is as follows: you write in the description “mass following”, subscribe to the accounts of those who are interesting to you, and if you are also interested in this person, he subscribes to you.

But in reality – this gives a miserable result, because you can subscribe to a person of 200, only 20 of which will subscribe to you. And it’s not a fact. Therefore, this method can be practiced, but only in special cases, when it is very necessary that there are followers, and you are ready to subscribe to more than a few hundred people. Although, it also happens that this method pays off.

Cross-fusion when tweeting an account

For those who decided to try, I advise you to look for such accounts on Twitter, which have almost the same number of subscribers and followers. For example, there are 5030 subscribers and 5,020 followers. Most likely, this account is a bot that makes mutual following. Foul all of his followers and you will reciprocate 70 percent. Just be careful, do not sign up for 1000 people at once, rather stretch this process, for example, for 10 days.

Specialized programs

Today, due to the fact that Twitter has become very popular, there are many sites that offer you to enter a link to your blog and start a massive following. It seems that everything looks attractive enough: you enter a link, if you need a password, sign an agreement for the subscription of other blogs (this is done in minutes). You write that everything is ready, they say, wait for new subscribers.

This is actually a trap. You start waiting for subscribers, and now they have appeared, plus 5, 10, 20, 30 people, it would seem, a great way. But keep in mind that you also subscribe to blogs. Only here the number of your subscriptions will be equal to 300 and 400. And you will be subscribed to a maximum of 100 of these people. And you can not stop the process of software following, because I signed an agreement. In addition, if a program with viruses, your account can be hacked and then, on your behalf will begin an active posting of all sorts of things that are clearly not related to the topic and have nothing to do with you.

So, because of the desire to quickly get subscribers, you get into the pool of your own subscriptions and garbage in the tape. And these are not subscriptions to people with whom your interests coincide, or posts about something exciting, maybe quite the opposite. Therefore, this method also falls into the list of “extreme”, because there is a possibility that after using it you will have to delete your entire blog.

Specialized programs for promotion of account twitter

The recommended program for the promotion of Twitter is SOCIALHAMMER. True, it is paid, but the promotion of the account turns into an automated process. With the help of Tweedium, you can work with several accounts at once.

Link to your blog in other social networks

But this method is very acceptable, only you need to consider that it will take a long time, about one month, to start the mechanism of subscriptions. If you decide to create your account on Twitter, then for sure you have a profile in another social network, for example, take Facebook (hereinafter FB ). In the settings of your profile in FB, you can specify that you have a Twitter blog, and on your wall you can consistently throw a link to it.

Link to your blog in other social networks when twittering an account
Plus to this, you can go to a variety of FB groups on the specialization of your blog and there to leave a link to it. But this is a very labor-intensive and slow method.

Repost other people

And the last thing you can do is go to the profile of a blogger who writes on the same topic as you do, and start making reposts from his page, responding to his records. It does not have to be just one person, there can be several. This way will help you find subscribers in the person of those who are subscribed to this blogger, because your interests coincide.

We make reposts when tweeting an account

Paid promotion

On forums, you can easily find ads that offer to wind 1000, 5000 subscribers. The cost of this service is inexpensive. The downside is the risk of getting into the ban, and also the fact that amongst these followers absolutely all the bots. There are even specialized sites for cheating the followers. For example:

  • SOC-SERVICE (the cheapest way to buy followers);

Ability to lock your account

The only thing you need to remember a blogger who wants to unwind your account is that he can be blocked. If you decide to use such methods as mutual and mass following, remember, the daily rate is 1000 subscriptions. And it’s better if you do not exceed 200-300, but every day.

Another reason why you can be added to the “black list” is a non-reciprocal subscription to more than 2000 blogs. This means that if you read 2030, you are read 110, then you will definitely be blocked until the number of subscriptions to you is greater than yours!

Thus, you see that there are methods of promotion, you just need to have a desire, a drop of patience and do everything gradually, so as not to become an “aggressive failover” and not get into the “ban list”!