Mass following isn’t a good idea for getting more twitter followers

To twist an account on Twitter today is quite promising.

Especially for those who want not only to communicate, but also to attract visitors to their blogs, earn on Twitter, sell products, or simply increase the visibility of their brand. If interested, then check the post – why you need a twitter. This is for those who are not in the subject at all, which I’m talking about here.

So, the promotion of Twitter means a set of followers, moreover, the indicator that the account is really quality, is the ratio of the number of those you are subscribed to the number of those who are subscribed to you. Today, the only way to promote Twitter, that is, a fast set of users, is mass-mapping.

But those who scored several thousand people with only one mass-weighting, have their drawbacks:

1. First of all, if I, for example, are subscribed to several thousand people, then how do I normally read a Twi-tape? After all, almost every second in the tape will be strewed dozens of tweets of other twitter and it is purely physically impossible to follow all messages. That is, there is lost one of the important functions of Twitter – news. Due to the abundance of messages, you can easily skip the really useful, useful news

2. I do not know how you are, but my tweet promotion provokes an ambiguous reaction. If I see that some people have the same number of followers and followings (it is subscribed to 1500 people, and about the same amount is subscribed to it), then this account does not personally respect me, like its owner (the exception is those people , which I already know from the positive side). A person writes interesting things and, therefore, deserves our attention. In the sense that such people read the masses.

Hence the conclusion that mass-massing is not the best way to twitter. And how then to untwist so that we had many followers, and we were signed only for those who are really interesting to us? Below are my findings based on the results of using my Twitter account – @ Max1mus_KS

How to dial followers on Twitter without recourse to mass-sharing:

1. The first thing to understand is that much depends on your fame. If you are a scandalous person, or a celebrity – a blogger, singer, actor, etc., then it is clear that after you create a Twitter account, you will get a big increase in fouls only because you already have so many fans. But what if you are not particularly known to anyone? It’s simple. Start doing like me – just work. What is the work? It is necessary to fill the account with interesting information – tweets, to pick up a beautiful background (see post – Mega base of twitter services for microblogging maniacs), to decide on the topic on which we will advance and … the first thing to do is select people by interests.

I did so – I found a popular blogger in my niche. Take, for example, Dimka – @dimokru (seo blogger) and see who is subscribed to it. It is clear that the majority of its subscribers are those who are interested in the topic seo. So, these people are interesting to me. I go to the “Followers” page at Dimka and from there I already go into the accounts of those people who are subscribed to it and see what they write there. Thus, I recruit several dozen people who are really interesting to me and subscribe to them.

2. Suppose that I got 100-150 people who are really interesting to me. I subscribed to them. From now on, we can say, the promotion of Twitter started. Some of these people will reciprocate, that is, they will subscribe to us. And we, in turn, continue to communicate – write interesting tweets on the topic, retweet of others. Only you need to take into account that the twittering-thousand (not the mass-finer) will not just sign on to us. It is necessary to get into the confidence, ponetvitit it, respond to him on his messages, and then, perhaps, he will notice us and reciprocate.

3. Gradually, after a couple of months (yes, I did not say that the promotion of Twitter will go fast!), You can do unfollow to those who did not subscribe to us. But it’s up to you, of course. As a result, the number of followers and followings is roughly equal. The main thing here is, it seems to me, to make the account look presentable. That is, overstep the line when we are subscribed to more Twitter, and we are signed less tweet. It is necessary that it was vice versa. Otherwise, it creates the impression of a mass media account.

4. But even communicating just like that, making retweets of other tweets, we will not get the natural growth of the fouls.